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Isouard Cendrillon – Bampton Classical Opera
Nicholas Merryweather always commands a stage; thus, although we are more used to seeing and hearing the baritone in comic guise, he was a masterful mentor, using his strong baritone to convey the maturity and insight that his naïve charges lack.
Opera Today, 19 September 2018

Nicholas Merryweather was a striking Alidor, managing his transformations into a beggar with aplomb and keeping an aura of mystery.
Planet Hugill, 19 September 2018

There's more top-notch singing from Nicholas Merryweather as Alidor,
The Arts Desk, 19 September 2018

Nicholas Merryweather as Alidor arguably delivered the strongest performance of the evening with his powerful, but smooth and rounded, baritone
MusicOMH, 18 September 2018

Nicholas Merryweather brings to Alidor (the enabling tutor) a delivery so impressively supported he should surely, with his mischievous intention and hilarious presence, be viewed as a front-ranker in the British opera scene.
Opera Now, September 2018

Nicholas Merryweather as Alidor is the glue binding the plot together … He is well known to Longborough and Buxton Festival Opera patrons, his fine baritone voice and impressive stage presence is a big plus.
Seen and Heard International, 27 August 2018

Nicholas Merryweather was on top form as Alidor, his virile baritone glowing with drama and warmth
Bachtrack, 23 July 2018

Albert Herring – Buxton Festival
Nicholas Merryweather showed superb comic timing as the earnest vicar
Mark Ronan, 9 July 2017
Nicholas Merryweather was superb as the unctuous Mr Gedge, a vicar with more than a touch of Jane Austen’s Mr Collins about him, ever ready to soothe ruffled tempers with a scrap from the Psalms
Bachtrack, 11 July 2017

La Grotta di Trifonio – Bampton Classical Opera
It’s hard to take your eyes off Nicholas Merryweather’s blissfully funny Plistene (beautiful singing a bonus) …
Spectator 27 July 2015
Rinaldo – Longborough Festival Opera
… with baritone Nicholas Merryweather adding the weight of his experience as Argante.
The Guardian 25 July 2014

St Matthew Passion with the Royal Northern Sinfonia
Nicholas Merryweather’s Jesus had great gravitas.
The Guardian, 20 April 2014

Nicholas Merryweather began as an angry Christ until the Gethsemane scene, when his pleading for release went straight to the heart
Bachtrack, 20 April 2014

The Lighthouse – English Touring Opera
Merryweather was truly virtuosic in his falsetto-spiked ballad .
Opera, December 2012

balances a gorgeous legato with a daring range of vocal colours (all of which are demanded by the virtuosic writing).
New Statesman, 16 October 2012